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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take more than the recommended dose?

In general, homeopathic products have a wide margin of safety. However, as with any drug, you should always follow label directions. If you exceed the dosage given on the label and you start experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, please call your health professional. You may also call a poison control center; most of them are knowledgeable about homeopathy’s wide margin of safety.

What if I accidentally ingested some of the ointment or gel?

It is unlikely you will get seriously ill. However, if you start experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, please call your health professional.

Why are there so many inactive ingredients in T-Relief™ ointment?

When Heel decided to exit the USA, we had to scramble to get something on the market fast to deliver the homeopathic medicines that would provide the relief to which our customers were accustomed. We wanted to do this without using petrolatum. Thanks to customer feedback, we made the decision to change the base formula and are working full speed to get a more organic/natural delivery system for our homeopathic medicines. The great news is we will be launching this new version in summer 2015.

What are the inactive ingredients?

The inactive ingredients in MediNatura™ products serve a wide range of purposes. Depending on the dosage form, they may serve as preservatives, emollients or active-ingredient carriers. All ingredients in MediNatura™ products comply with Food and Drug Administration regulations for safety and are safe to use as directed on the product label. However, if you have a known allergy to any ingredient in a MediNatura product, do not use it. If you experience an allergic reaction after using a MediNatura product, discontinue use and contact a health professional right away.

Can I give MediNatura™ products to my pets?

MediNatura™ products are not labeled for use in animals. Please contact your veterinarian for more information.

Why don’t you have the quantity of the ingredients on the labels? It was on the old labels.

Current regulations do not require homeopathic products to provide this information. If you have a question, please call the toll-free number provided on the label.

With the increased amount of arnica, can I still use T-Relief™ with other arnica products?

There should be no problem combining T-Relief™ ointment or gel with other homeopathic arnica topical products. You should not combine oral arnica products with other oral arnica products without consulting your health practitioner. As with all drug products, if you experience unwanted reaction, immediately stop using the products and contact your health professional or poison control center.

The labels on MediNatura™ tablet products say “DO NOT SWALLOW.” I just swallowed a tablet. What is going to happen?

MediNatura™ tablets are safe to swallow. Letting the tablets dissolve in the mouth follows traditional homeopathic practice and may bring faster relief.

Why do I feel a stinging/tingling sensation with ReBoost™ nasal spray?

Some of the inactive ingredients are known to cause a slight stinging sensation in people who are sensitive to them. Thanks to customer feedback, we modified the formulation and made significant improvements that will give you a more gentle experience while still providing relief from your nasal symptoms. Look for ReBoost™ nasal spray with “Now More Gentle” on the label.

What are the differences between Heel and MediNatura™ products?

MediNatura™ products are designed to treat the same indications as Heel products with most of the same homeopathic ingredients you are used to using. The majority of differences include changes in potencies and, to make the formulas more natural, we increased the number of botanical ingredients. For instance, Traumeel had 12 natural medicines out of 14 medicines; its replacement, T-Relief™, uses all natural medicines.

Are MediNatura™ products gluten-free?


Are MediNatura™ products tested on animals?


What is the source of the magnesium stearate in MediNatura™ tablets?

It is derived from palm oil.

What is the source of the ethanol used in MediNatura™ oral drops?

It is derived from organic cane sugar.

How many doses are in MediNatura™ products?

The number of doses depends on what form of the product is being used and whether it is used for adults or children. Please contact us for further information.

Can I take MediNatura™ products with other medications?

There are no known interactions between MediNatura™ products and other medications, but it is best to consult with your health practitioner.

Where can I purchase MediNatura™ products?

Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.

Where are MediNatura™ products manufactured?

We are proud to say that most MediNatura™ products are manufactured in our FDA-Good Manufacturing Practices-compliant facility in Albuquerque, N.M. We use the finest ingredients we can find, and they come from inside and outside of the USA.

Can I use MediNatura™ products during pregnancy or while breast-feeding?

As with any drug, always check with your health practitioner before taking MediNatura™ products while pregnant or breast-feeding.

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