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For most patients injections with Traumeel and Zeel are not covered by insurance plans and are an out-of-pocket service. Please ask your patient’s insurance provider about their reimbursement policy. Some general information regarding reimbursement and material to request coding verification are outlined in our “Reimbursement Guide”

However in most instances, Traumeel and Zeel injections are less expensive than other treatment options such as viscosupplements or PRP injections if patients are not approved by their insurance plan.

ABN & Liability Waiver:

  • ABN Injection Therapy View
  • Liability Waiver View

Osteoarthritis of the Knee:

  • Reimbursement Guide OA-K View
  • Coding Verification Letter OA-K View
  • Coverage Request Letter OA-K View
  • Study Abstract OA-K View

Pain Management:

  • Reimbursement Guide Traumeel Injection Solution View
  • Coding Verification Letter Traumeel Injection Solution View
  • Coverage Request Letter Traumeel Injection Solution View