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Giving millions of consumers relief without risk.

MediNatura, formed in 2014, is a small American company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our manufacturing facility is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to our formation as MediNatura, we were the U.S. subsidiary of the German company Heel GmbH, the second largest homeopathic company in the world. We’re happy to serve you with effective, safe, and natural products.

Company Culture

MediNatura is an intellectual democracy. This means that employees’ best ideas are what drive the company forward. We work together as a team to bring you the best natural products.


To give millions of people real relief, without the side effects of conventional medicines. Elevate your life with us!


“There is so much pain! Last year, Americans desperate to escape pain died: 60,000 from opioids, 30,000 from other Rx drugs and 16,000 from over-the-counter pain meds. I’m proud to work for MediNatura - a company which makes OTC remedies that give thousands of Americans real pain relief with no serious side effects. I’d love to hear from you (510) 735-1914!“

Cliff Clive, CEO

“I joined this company 35 years ago. I intended it to be short-term job but after a profound personal experience with some of our natural products I was convinced that these remedies are truly powerful with no serious side effects. After seeing how much relief our products give, continuing my professional career here was an easy decision. I started as a lab technician and now I am proud to be MediNatura’s first female Vice-President.”

Cathy Raish, VP Regulatory & Innovation

“During the 13 years I have been with MediNatura I have spoken with thousands of consumers and medical practitioners nationwide that need safe and efficacious remedies without serious side effects. It’s an honor and I am proud to do so! These many conversations have helped me know MediNatura products work, and are safe. I have peace of mind to use them on myself, my children, and my pets. I’m happy to share my experiences – just call 1-844-MEDINATURA and ask for me.”

Cindy Van Lierop


Our Beautiful Albuquerque Team

Retail Partners at Sprouts Con

Doctors are Trained by Experienced MediNatura Executives

Thousands of Doctors Use MediNatura’s Medicines