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Derived from nature just for you


Our goal with each of our formulations is superior comprehensiveness. For example, our ReBoost Cold & Flu tablets contain the key active ingredients that are in both Zicam® & Oscillococcinum® (zinc & anas barbariae) plus 9 extra cold/flu symptom relievers. If you’re not thrilled with the relief ReBoost provides we’ll refund your full purchase price, even if you’ve used the whole bottle!

Safe & Natural

Our efficacious remedies guarantee unparalleled safety. With no reported instances of drug-drug interactions, you’ll have peace of mind about what you’re consuming. And the power of nature is harnessed to its greatest ability through the synergistic effects of multiple ingredients, established by our founder, H.H. Reckeweg MD. Through decades of research and medical practice, he proved that using several natural active ingredients was more effective than using just one.


At MediNatura, we value transparency in our packaging and business practices. That’s why we disclose all ingredients on our website and on our product labels. Our goal is to give you fast, natural relief without the headache of digging for details. For example, each of our product pages explain “the why’s” behind each one. We tell you why it’s needed, why you’ll love it, plus all of the basic facts. Check out the 13 active ingredients in T-Relief to see what we mean.


All around the United States and the globe, doctors are recommending MediNatura products. Just one of the reasons why is due to our products’ comprehensive symptom relief. For example, if you’re shopping for pain relief, you might come across supplements containing only arnica. There’s a problem – arnica does not address nerve pain on its own! But our Traumeel pain-relieving products take your health to a higher level with a total of 14 natural pain relievers.


If you’re here, we bet you’re searching for a company that adheres to industry standards for natural products. Is this correct? Rest easy, because MediNatura conducts third-party testing for purity and potency to ensure high-quality products. We keep product information available to help you understand our products and their benefits. If you’re not completely satisfied, just check out our RELIEF GUARANTEE.